Domino’s Apologises After Wrinkled Testicle Is ‘Found On Pizza’

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This latest story takes the old cliche of ‘the customer is always right’ to a whole new level.

Domino’s pizza have apologised to one of their customers who found a human testicle nestling on the edge of a pizza, despite the fact it’s still attached to someone’s scrotum. Doh!

It all started when Ciaran Jarrett tweeted this photo to Domino’s:

He makes it pretty blatant that he’s taking the piss, but their customer services team made a right ol’ balls up of it and completely fell for his prank.

They immediately apologised over Twitter:

Ciaran added:

The photo seemed to capture the imagination of Twitter users everywhere as it went viral- being retweeted more than 24,000 times and favourited over 22,000 times.

The heatproof left testicle belonged to Ciaran’s mate Steve, who seemed pretty chuffed that over a million people on the Twittersphere had viewed it.

What a time to be alive.