Domino’s Are Taking Fast Food To Ridiculous New Levels


Fans of over priced pizza rejoice! Domino’s is about to revolutionise the way they make and deliver pizza. 

For some cooking a pizza cooked in three minutes and then delivering to a customer’s door in 10 minutes is nothing but a lofty dream, but the Australian division of Dominos are making it a reality, Mashable reports.

The company has labelled it ‘Project 3:10,’ and according to Don Meij, CEO of Domino’s Australia it’s being rolled out as you read this speak and he’s said: “It was planned, thought through and tested until Christmas. We already have six stores enabled, and now we’re full steam.”

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Meij claims it’ll take around three years for the scheme to be rolled out across all stores in Australia and New Zealand.  But the company plans to spread the concept to locations in seven other countries, with Japan most likely the first location, potentially in six months.

If you’re wondering how Domino’s are planning to achieve this, they’ve designed their own ‘smart’ ovens.

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Unfortunately the company haven’t really explained what that means, for legal reasons, but apparently these ovens push ‘convection and radiant heat’ onto the pizza at the ‘right point at the right time’ as the pizza moves along the conveyor.

Without modifying their current ingredients, Meij claims the oven can cook a pizza in four minutes and ten seconds, so they’re not quite at their goal of three minutes yet, but they’re getting there.

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By comparison the company’s old ‘dumb’ ovens, which use an even temperature throughout the cooking process, take seven minutes and fifteen seconds to cook a pizza.

Sounds like the future of pizza’s here, now if they could just work on the quality…