Domino’s Garlic Bread Pizza Crust Now Exists

Dominos garlic bread pizzaDominos

Garlic bread and pizza go together perfectly, in a comfortingly carby combo unlike any other.

So why not blend the two Saturday night treats in a moreish garlicky Frankenstein monster? This is the exact thought shared by Domino’s pizza, who are set to launch a pizza unlike any other.

The popular pizza chain has promised the ‘best combination of buttery garlic bread and pizza’, with a crust which doubles as garlic bread. As someone who could happily eat a bowl-full of garlic bread for dinner, this makes an awful lot of sense.

Garlic bread is reportedly the second most ordered item on the Domino’s menu, so surely this should be a Domino’s devotee’s dream come true. Are you tempted, or is this a slice too far?

Domino’s are certainly not shy when it comes to experimenting with weird and wacky crusts, having previously blown our minds with fillings such as meat pie and cheeseburger.

In a statement, the pizza proprietor said:

It’s the ultimate hybrid pizza garlic bread crust.

It’s the best combination of buttery garlic bread and pizza.

So far, this crusty concoction is only available in Australia – with no current plans to introduce this in the UK – but no doubt this fresh take on the humble crust will inspire pizza makers worldwide to sit up and smell the garlic.

In a statement, Don Meij, Domino’s Group CEO and Managing Director, said the Australian summer menu launch (yup it’s summer down under) will mark the brand’s biggest-ever initiative.

As well as three brand new sauces, Domino’s Australia will unveil innovative pizza toppings such BBQ steak and bacon, Korean BBQ steak, succulent garlic chicken and bacon ranch, and chipotle steak.

According to Meij:

This summer Domino’s is looking forward to being a part of the unforgettable spirit of summer and giving Aussies the most delicious and biggest menu ever.

It’s a g’day indeed to be an Australian pizza fan!

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