Domino’s New Delivery Scheme Is Amazing News For Drunk Commuters


We’ve all been there. You’ve had a crazy night out and all that awaits you is the grim reality of having to rely on the last bus home. 


But, fear not, because Domino’s Pizza are aiming to change all our lives with their new game-changing idea.


This is the news that Domino’s is currently trialling pizza delivery on bus routes. Actually, it’s just in Blackpool of all places, at the moment – but it’s a start, I guess.

One thing’s for sure though, it seems to be really hitting the spot with locals who are catching the Catch 22 bus route from Mereside to Cleveleys, the Sun reports.


They are able to place their pizza order on their phone while riding the bus and have it delivered, all hot and cheesy, to their chosen stop. How great is that?

Aaron Ryder was the first bus commuter to use this new service. Speaking about the scheme, he said:

I was on my way to a lunchtime shift at work, when the bus driver announced the new delivery service over the tannoy. I love a Mighty Meaty pizza so was straight on the phone to see if I could get it before my journey ended – I did and it was delicious!


Aaron really knows how to live, – just saying.

Anyway, apparently Domino’s head office were inspired by their successful delivery to a train passenger last month, that they thought they’d give local bus routes a go. Because why not?

Domino’s Blackpool Operations Director, David Woods, said:

We like a challenge at Domino’s, so after successfully delivering pizza to a train, we wanted to go one step further and offer people pizza to a bus. Those aboard the Catch 22 can curb their hunger by ordering a fresh, tasty pizza whenever and wherever they fancy.

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One thing’s for sure – the dreaded night bus will never be the same again.