Domino’s Offering Free Pizza For A Year To A Mate Of Your Choice


Domino’s is offering free pizza for a whole year as a reward for people who have contributed heavily to society.

The pizza chain have created the Order of the Domino’s Empire (ODE) – their twist on the government’s honours list celebrating extraordinary people.

These honours are so much better though because recipients chosen by the big cheeses at Domino’s will receive free delicious pizza for a whole year!


You can nominate anyone as long as they have contributed within their local community and society, and are most importantly worthy of free pizza.

Football manager Kevin Fitzmaurice was the first recipient of the award after being nominated by his daughter Keira for helping children in his local community excel as footballers and members of society.

The 48-year-old from Sandhurst has spent the past decade inspiring footballers from Sandhurst Town FC to be the best they can be juggling coaching with a full-time job.


18 of his former players also contributed to the nomination sharing their stories of how Kevin helped them get to university and even pursue professional careers.

Kevin was shocked when he received the award saying:

I’m overwhelmed that I’ve been chosen to be honoured as one of the very first ODEs! I had absolutely no idea that my daughter and team had nominated me.

Sandhurst Town FC has been my pride and joy over the last 10 years, I have taught the boys since they were three or four years old and they’re like family to me.


20-year-old Holly O’Shea from Birmingham received the award after being nominated by her boyfriend Jonah for her charity work.

Holly became the youngest ever athlete to compete in the Dubai Ironman Challenge to raise money for Palestinian refugees and she also ran campaigns at Loughborough University supporting the LGBT community.

She said:

I was over the moon simply to be shortlisted for the Order of the Domino’s Empire, so to be an official recipient is just incredible.

I know there were probably thousands of people just as deserving and I promise to make sure the pizza is put to good use!


Each recipient is also presented with a specially designed ODE medal that is even created by the official OBE manufacturers Toye & Co.

The medal, of course, looks like a mini golden pizza!

If you wish to nominate someone just email [email protected] with the reason why they are worthy of free pizza.