Dr Pepper Baked Beans Are Now Something You Can Buy

Dr Pepper BeansDr Pepper

Dr Pepper, what’s the worst that could happen? You could mix your taste with baked beans, that’s what. 

Call me boring, but at face value, the idea of Dr Pepper flavoured beans rubs me up the wrong way.

I love Dr Pepper and I love baked beans but putting them together is like… it’s like marmite on crumpets? Ketchup on spag bol? James Corden on TV? Any of the aforementioned.

Still, if you happen to be within mooching distance of a Walmart, or Amazon cart, you can buy yourself a can of the stuff, which goes by Sweet And A Bit Sassy Dr Pepper Baked Beans.

Whether or not beans can be sassy is secondary here. What palate can react positively to this? Maybe I’m being too grumpy about this.

The description reads:

With its blend of 23 flavors, Dr Pepper has long been a secret ingredient among top BBQ Pitmasters.

The 23 original flavors of Dr Pepper give this batch its name and its amazing flavor. Sweet and Sassy success. No preservatives.

Seriousy Delicious. Always original. Always bold. Always delicious.

One customer wrote in a review:

I like Dr P but these taste somewhere between cough medicine and bean, with a strong aftertaste of regret. My family hated it.

Another said: ‘Cans delivered with dents in them. Was planning to give as gifts but cannot now. Unfortunately not eligible for return.’

Dr Pepper logoDr Pepper

One punter however couldn’t get enough of the novelty beans, saying:

The wife picked me up a can of these to try, knowing that I like unusual things. I will admit, I did not have high hopes. I figured that they would probably be indistinguishable from all the other baked beans out there.

I was wrong! Serious Bean Co. scored a direct hit with these; two thumbs up! I cooked up the can with some split sausage this morning. Coming out of the can, it didn’t appear special.

But when I tried it, first thing I notice was a flavour that is not in other baked beans. True to their name and advertising, that flavour was Dr. Pepper! Good stuff! Unless you just don’t like the flavour of Dr. Pepper, I would whole heartedly recommend trying these beans.

Wholeheartedly? I’m gonna have to try them aren’t I? Give them a whirl and come back with a review. You know what? I’ll buy some. Watch this space.

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