Drivers Queue For McDonald’s Drive-Thru On Christmas Day Not Realising It’s Shut

by : Emily Brown on : 28 Dec 2019 10:26
Drivers Queue For McDonald's Drive Thru On Christmas Day Not Realising It's Shutu/Serpenio_/Reddit

Numerous people waited patiently in the McDonald’s drive-thru for food on Christmas Day without realising the employees were all out enjoying the festivities. 

I have to admit, ‘Big Mac and fries’ doesn’t exactly scream ‘Christmas’ to me, but everyone has their own preferences and it seems around a dozen people in Nashville, Tennessee, felt the call of the golden arches on December 25.


A video taken by a passing driver showed at least nine cars waiting in line for someone to take their order, though apparently none of them caught on to the fact there wasn’t actually any staff around to do so.

Check out the video here:


The amused woman behind the camera could be heard laughing as she filmed the queue of cars lined up alongside the Nashville McDonald’s, with one blue car idling at the front of the line by the ‘order here’ speaker.


It’s unclear how long the hungry driver had been waiting, but the long line of people who followed them indicates they’d been attempting to order for some time.

A man driving the passing car could be heard commenting on the number of people who were waiting before he pulled up by the window of the restaurant and exclaimed: ‘they’re not even open!’

People queue in McDonald's drive thru not realising it's shutu/Serpenio_/Reddit

To be fair to the people in the drive-thru, the building did still have its lights on, so at first glance it would be easy to assume there were staff inside waiting to hand over golden chicken nuggets, burgers and fries.


However, it seems employees at that particular location had simply neglected to flick the light switch because if the drivers had paid a bit more attention they would have soon realised the establishment was closed.

All it would have taken was a quick glance at a sign at the scene, which informed customers of the restaurant’s opening hours over the holidays. Sure enough, the restaurant was open on New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day and even Christmas Eve, but the sign clearly stated the establishment was closed on Santa’s big day.

People queue in McDonald's drive thru not realising it's shutu/Serpenio_/Reddit

In the video, shared on Reddit, the man in the passing car could be heard expressing his confusion at the ignorance of the waiting drivers, saying:


You can even see the holiday hours… Christmas day, CLOSED.

What are people doing?! CLOSED.

Though it’s a shame so many drivers wasted their Christmas days waiting in a line to nowhere, there’s no denying they brought it on themselves.

Hopefully it didn’t take them too long to realise their local McDonald’s is not the place to get Christmas dinner.

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