Everybody Is Loving Colin The Caterpillar’s Halloween Makeover

Marks & Spencer

Colin has emerged from his chocolately chrysallis, blinking at the crisp autumn air as a beautifully spooky vampire caterpillar.

This new incarnation of the Marks & Spencer favourite is to be referred to as Count Colin the Caterpillar, and he’s wriggling his way to your fridge just in time for Halloween.

Sporting a decidedly gothic look, Colin comes ready smeared with blood-red icing. He’s also swapped his leg-high white boots for a shiny black pair.

His usually friendly grin is now stretched into a vicious leer, complete with blooded fangs, but don’t worry, underneath he’s still the soft, spongey boy you’ve come to know and love.

Count Colin can be yours for a mere £7 and you can even have a nibble on some of his vampish minions, should you so wish, which cost £2 a pop.

The Marks’ Halloween range will hit shelves late September and will include Percy Pumpkins as well as Freaky Frogs – perfect for when you’re too old for trick or treating.

Please Marks & Spencer, can you now get back in your caterpillar lab and invent a Christmas Colin?

Holly berries and a little sugary Santa hat? Much obliged.