Extremist Vegan YouTuber Slammed For Bizarre ‘Racist’ Videos


Don’t you just love angry vegans? I sure do. And I love them most right now, as I tuck into a succulent microwave Chicken Tika Madras. Mmmhm. 

Now personally, vegan, vegetarian, flexitarian, or pescatarian – I couldn’t give the slightest fuck, but don’t be a crazy one – please!

Unfortunately this young YouTuber is too far gone. Where’s your proof I hear you say? Well that can be found just from her vlogging titles alone, reports the Daily Mail.

Take your pick:

  1. I’m the Biggest Vegan Cunt
  2. Why I Think We Should Get Rid of Ugly People
  3. Feminists are Rapists
  4. My Boyfriend Wants Me To Wear Rotting Animal Skin
  5. How To Eat Vegan At Restaurants w/ Friends and Family

And that’s leaving out the best one of all – ‘I’M A RACiST PRIVILEGED VEGAN B*TCH’. Wow fucking wow.

Let’s delve a little deeper. The girl in the videos is Sorsha Morava who is the loving and warm hearted host of the YouTube channel aptly named Sorsha.

A typical Sorsha video is quite the lengthy rant where she likes to link global atrocities such as slavery or the holocaust to people who like to eat meat – LOGICAL!

In the ‘I’M A RACIST PRIVILEGED VEGAN B*TCH’ vid, Sorsha claims:

The same exact oppression that happened during slavery happens right this very second but its a different group of victims. People who claim to be against discrimination, oppression, and for equality are consuming animal products and when you consume animal products you’re supporting exploitation, torture, rape, enslavement, and slaughter. All of those things are oppression.

Now yes, ‘exploitation, torture, rape, enslavement, and slaughter’ are without doubt ‘oppression’ but you can’t compare the meat industry to slavery for fuck sake. Also – who is raping animals?

She goes on:

What we did to blacks during slavery is what were are currently doing to animals by consuming animal products.

In another classic the young and very angry gal claims that if ‘you’re not vegan you must support the holocaust’, adding ‘did you know that Hitler modeled the Jewish Holocaust after the meat industry?’.


Now I don’t know – maybe Hitler did model the holocaust on the meat industry, but the difference (and I admit, it’s a controversial difference at that) the holocaust involved the barbaric and horrific torture and murder of countless, countless human beings – believed to be somewhere around 6 and 11 million people.

The meat industry involves the murder, and pretty humane murder at that, of ANIMALS. Delicious, mouthwatering, and tasty animals.