Family Recreates Happy Meal For Little Boy Who Misses McDonald’s

by : Emma Rosemurgey on : 01 Apr 2020 14:30

While most of us are sat cooped up in our own homes, many of us are starting to discover a new found appreciation for the things we took for granted before the social restrictions came into play.

The smell of freshly cut grass, perhaps, or being able to spend good quality time with loved ones whenever we please.


Or, for fast food lovers like this kid, being able to pop into McDonald’s for a chicken nugget Happy Meal – arguably one of the finer things in life.

McDonald's Happy MealMcDonald's Happy MealPA Images

Four-year-old Dinks has been craving a Happy Meal of his own, but with McDonald’s restaurants all over the UK closing their doors as a result of recent events, he’s been forced to go without.

When asked by his mum, Jasmine, how badly he wanted a nugget meal, he replied ’10 bad’, which we all know is the highest level of craving.


But, luckily for Dinks, his family were on hand to satisfy his cravings with an amazing makeshift DIY Happy Meal, complete with box and toy! You’ve got to admit, that is some top class parenting.

Family Recreates McDonald's Happy Meal For Son During IsolationFamily Recreates McDonald's Happy Meal For Son During IsolationContent Bible

While chatting away to his mum, the four-year-old was left gobsmacked when dad Liam came in with his very own DIY Maccies.

After delighting in telling his parents he got ‘chicken nuggets, chippies and a milkshake,’ the infant happily tucked into his makeshift Happy Meal.


When mum Jasmine asks him if it’s a proper McDonald’s, Dinks says ‘yes’ before admitting he suspects the box had Daddy’s drawing on it.

Either way, those chicken nuggets look pretty damn delicious.

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