Farmer Explains How Long Different Foods Actually Last Past Their Expiry Dates

by : Mike Williams on : 16 Apr 2021 15:21

Ever been tempted to throw food out that’s gone past the recommended use by date?

Of course you have, we’ve all done it some point! But did you know that according to Haydon J Fox, a farmer who has taken to TikTok to clear up the misconceptions of his livelihood, you don’t need to?


Haydon, 23, has over half a million followers on the video sharing app and 11 million Likes across his posts, makes short videos showing us what it’s like to a) live on a farm and b) work on one day in, day out.

Hayden Fox/Instagram

He starts the video by showing a clip of a man saying he won’t eat anything that is past its expiration date and proceeds to laugh and ‘break it down’ why we are all being duped by the food companies.

‘As a farmer, I don’t appreciate you throwing the food out!’ he begins.


‘Let me break it down for you. You’re being lied to by the food companies because it’s making them billions of dollars each year. Of course they’re going to lie to your face!’

Watch the full clip below:

@haydenjfox#stitch with @rizzzy.rizzz just another farmer on a rant pt.🥛 #yourfood #farming #country♬ original sound – Hayden Fox


Haydon then jokes about the people calling his PSA ‘misinformation’ before continuing with the truth: ‘You literally work all year long for 60% to be thrown in the garbage. 60%!’

He goes on to explain how it all works:

Expiration dates on your packages are to indicate peak freshness, meaning if you eat the food before this date, sure, you’ll get the best taste – but you do know when you go to a farmer’s market you buy the seconds, meaning the seconds are better?! And these processors shorten the expiry date, you throw it in the garbage and you buy more!

The post has been viewed in excess of 1.6 million times, making it one of his most popular to date.


But it’s not uncommon for people to waste an enormous amount of perfectly edible food each year, especially when you look at studies such as 2016’s Consumer Perceptions of Date Labels, which states how ‘making date labels easier to understand would avoid 398,000 tons of wasted food every year’. A 2009 study also claims that ‘up to 40 per cent of the US food supply goes uneaten every year,’ telling us that we don’t always need to adhere to the dates labelled on our products.

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