Fast Food Workers Reveal The Things You Definitely Shouldn’t Order


How many people across the world spent 3am this morning hurling doner meat down their gullet, or funneling an extra large bacon double cheese burger into their gut? I know I did…

But what shouldn’t you be ordering from your local fast food joint? Turns out the fabulous folk at Reddit have done that job for us.

A few days ago, Reddit user, enantiodromia, posted the question ‘Fast food workers – what should we never order from you‘, and the thread spread like wildfire.

Out of the 16,000 comments posted so far, we’ve chosen just a select few of our personal favourites so you know exactly what not to order when you’re looking for something to satisfy your hunger/hangover.

Lets start with the downright grim:

Capture 9Reddit

Then there’s the lies:

Capture 8Reddit

Some were just pretty blunt:

Capture 7Reddit
Capture 6Reddit

Whereas others likely mean there’s now a lot of pissed off vegans out there:

Capture 5Reddit

There were a couple of rhymes:

Capture 4Reddit

And there was the salad reality:

Capture 3Reddit
capture 11Reddit

But my own personal favourite has to be:

Capture 12Reddit

One extra large McGangbang meal, please…