Five Guys Slammed After Man Charged Over £200 For Meal

by : Poppy Bilderbeck on : 14 Oct 2021 10:54
Five Guys Review TikTok - @abrakebabra_reviews/TikTok@abrakebabra_reviews/TikTok

Fast food critics have slammed a new Five Guys store in Australia after they charged a man over £200 for a meal.

While I used to walk past Covent Garden in London and laugh at the mass queue of people outside of the Five Guys, scoffing at just how good a burger could be to have to wait that long for, I quickly retracted my sniggles as soon as I actually got my hands on one of their delicious buns.


However, a TikToker who uses the platform to critique food clearly feels differently, and has been left outraged over the burger chain’s total bill for a family meal, advising instead that customers go to Hungry Jack’s.


Fred (abrakebabra_reviews on Instagram) visited Five Guys, which has just opened up a new store in Penrith, in the west of Sydney, and subsequently launched a scathing review of the restaurant upon receiving a hefty bill.

In a series of videos, Fred (aka @abrakebabra_reviews on TikTok) took to the platform to complain about the price of his six burgers, three milkshakes, four servings of fries and four drinks, the Daily Mail reports. Totalling a whopping $215, each burger came to $19 each.


Moreover, Fred did not share the enthusiasm for the taste of the Five Guys burgers, calling them on par with those available at Hungry Jack’s, which cost a fraction of the price at $5. He explained that he could ‘not justify paying this amount of money for this’.

Fred concluded by branding the burgers as ‘slop’ and advising followers to go to Hungry Jack’s, ‘get yourself a double whopper, save the f*cking cash’.

The latest post in the series has amassed over 523,300 views, 31,200 likes and 1217 comments, with users flooding to the comments in shock of the sheer expense of the fast food, but questioning why the TikToker bought the burger in the first place. One said: ‘With those prices they won’t last in Australia for long.’


Another wrote: 

What, you didn’t see the prices before you ordered? Don’t pay and then complain. I don’t understand people or these negative comments.

A third commented: ‘I don’t get why he’s still going there after seven hate videos.’

All that talk of burgers has made me hungry, it may be 10.00am, but – much to Fred’s dismay – I’m already planning my trip to Five Guys at lunch.


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  1. Daily Mail

    Fast food critic labels new Five Guys store in Australia a 'rip-off' after paying $215 for a family meal - and urges burger fans to get a cheaper version at Hungry Jack's instead