Gen Z Twitter Is Only Just Discovering What Meat Is Made Of

by : Julia Banim on : 29 Apr 2021 19:04
Gen Z Is Only Just Discovering What Meat Is Made Of On TwitterPA Images

As a millennial, it’s sobering to find that my generation is no longer annoying our elders in the way we once did.

No longer am I seeing people getting frantic about our apparent liking for avocado, or scolding us for grabbing a coffee when we should be saving to get on the property ladder.


Now it’s Gen Z’s turn for a bit of grouchy mockery, and some are making it very easy for older generations to take the mickey.

This week, a group of Gen Z members went viral after expressing confusion over what meat actually is, and to be fair on them, it is a weird thought.

The conversation began with one perplexed person tweeting:


The meat is the muscle on the chicken? We be eating chicken muscle? Not just meat?

The equally bewildered replies came thick and fast, with one person admitting:

I thought it was skin lmaooo. […] Lmao idek, I just figured the skin is thick and there’s many layers. Never really thought about it, but in hindsight it makes sense that it’s all muscle.

Another simply gasped:


HUH? We eating chicken muscle????

Many of those from older generations have expressed horror and outrage that younger people are apparently going around believing that a roast chicken is essentially a big pile of skin.


One person declared:

Gen Z really seems to struggle with forming thoughts that aren’t directed by their internet usage. It’s like, ‘well, nobody is follow on TikTok ever talked about it so I never even considered it’. Really, not even when you were eating it?

Another remarked:

Some days I feel like I’m some Gandalfian wandering wizard when I strike up conversations about ordinary things with younger people anymore.


White meat – like chicken and turkey – is made up of muscles which have ‘fast twitch’ fibres, as per the Exploratorium, the sort of muscles which are used by the animal for ‘quick bursts of activity’, for example, fleeing from a predator.

To be fair on them, it perhaps makes sense that those from Gen Z don’t appear to know their chicken wing from a drumstick, with their eating habits differing notably from their parents before them.

A report from Produce Blue Book found that 65% of Gen Z said they wanted to follow a more ‘plant-forward’ diet, while 79% opted go meatless around once or twice a week.

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