Genius Family Makes Giant ‘Nacho Table’ Instead Of Sharing Bowls

by : Lucy Connolly on : 16 Jul 2020 11:31
Genius Family Makes Giant 'Nacho Table' Instead Of Sharing Bowlsstefherder/TikTok

What’s better than a bowl of nachos? A whole table of them, of course.

Enter: the nacho table, created by one ingenious family from Spring Lake, Michigan, and displayed in all its glory while they were on holiday together last month.


The premise is simple, buy a lot – and I mean a lot – of tortilla chips, guacamole, salsa, cheese (basically anything you want to use as toppings), and spread them all over a carefully prepared table.

Check out the impressive set up below:


By carefully prepared, I of course mean a table that’s been covered from top to bottom in tin foil, allowing for maximum enjoyment with minimum mess.


If this sounds like something you need to try out immediately, you’ve got Stefanie Herder to thank, with the 36-year-old taking to TikTok last week to share the concept with her followers.

However, a lot more than just her followers were soon witnessing her family’s invention because the video quickly went viral, attracting thousands of comments in a matter of days.

nacho tablestefherder/TikTok

Speaking to UNILAD, Stefanie said they first heard of the nacho table through a friend, Jared Graybiel, who used to make one in college. ‘We HAD to try it out,’ she said.


So when she and her family were next on holiday in Bitely, Michigan, ‘looking for something fun to do’, Stefanie knew immediately they had to give the table a try. Everyone agreed, and they headed to a local supermarket to buy ‘all of the nacho fixings [they] could find’.

Now they do it every single summer, and impressively they ‘usually get pretty close to eating it all’ because they know exactly how many ingredients to use to fill them all up. For example, they know they need three large bags of tortilla chips.

nacho table 2Vira

So, how can we make this happen? According to Stefanie, you’ll need to cover a large table or kitchen island in tin foil before spreading your tortilla chips out on the surface. Then, you can top them with your ‘protein of choice’ and melted cheese.


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‘Then each person “claims” their section of the table and gets to add whatever toppings they like to that area of the table,’ she explained. ‘When the group is done eating, all you have to do is roll up the tin foil with the leftovers and crumbs and throw it away – easy clean up!’

Stefanie continued:

We all love the tradition because it’s something everyone can enjoy – even vegetarians. I love that it brings people together!

Everyone helps in the making of it in some way – by bringing toppings/ingredients, helping prep and cook, etc. It’s also a very absurd thing to do so we like to have fun with it.


While Stefanie said the response to the video has been ‘mostly positive’, with many others sharing their own videos and pictures of their very own nacho tables, the family have also had some negative feedback.

‘We’ve had some naysayers,’ she explained. ‘People apparently have STRONG opinions when it comes to the amount of cheese and kind of cheese we use/don’t use.’

And it’s true, with a lot people seriously unhappy about the squeezy cheese used by Stefanie’s family. ‘We ain’t using that gross liquid cheese stuff,’ one person wrote, while another said: ‘You never use that cheese for nachos how gross.’

nacho table 3ViralHog

Luckily for Stefanie and her family though, they aren’t taking the criticism to heart. In fact, the comments actually ‘crack [them] up’, so at least there’s that.

And hey, they’re the ones with the nacho table so who are the real winners here?

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