‘Genius’ Life Hack Means You Never Have To Wash Up Ever Again

by : Cameron Frew on : 14 Jun 2021 15:09
'Genius' Life Hack Means You Never Have To Wash Up Ever Again@dam.i.on/TikTok

Do you hate washing your plates? With a new TikTok life hack, you can just kill the planet instead. 

Listen, we’ve all stared down a foot-high tower of plates, pots and cutlery with resentment. ‘What a ruddy pain,’ you mutter. ‘I just can’t be bothered,’ you moan. After the labour of cooking and joy of eating, who wants to spend 15 minutes scrapping bits into the bin and scrubbing dried-up sauce?


Unfortunately, as Sinatra once sang, that’s life. Sometimes, you just have to do things you don’t want to do. However, TikTok has no shortage of ‘life hacks’ to make the most mundane tasks even easier – for example, relying on single-use plastics so you don’t have to wash up.


Damion Francis, aka @dam.i.on, recently shared a video demonstrating a way to get past doing the washing up. It’s quite simple: wrap your plates in cling film, so you can just peel it off at the end of your meal, bin it and put the plate away.

There are hints he’s not being entirely serious with his suggestion. One person suggested he should just wrap his entire table in cling film, to which he replied: ‘Oh imagine the comments then! I’d be accused of single-handedly destroying the entire planet… people need to chill and look at the bigger picture.’

A TikToker used cling film instead of washing his plate. (@dam.i.on/TikTok)@dam.i.on/TikTok

If you’re even vaguely environmentally-minded, you know the problems with this: cling film is a single-use plastic, only 10-15% of which is actually recycled every year; plastic pollution is a massive issue across the world, with millions of tons of plastic clogging up landfills or oceans, endangering wildlife and our ecosystem.

Wash your plates.

Featured Image Credit: @dam.i.on/TikTok


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