Girl Attempts To Eat World’s Smelliest Fish, Ends Horribly

by : Julia Banim on : 11 Sep 2018 00:14
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Ah, there’s nothing like a nice fish supper on a Friday night. Unless of course, the fish in question is the super smelly Surströmming.


Also known as the Swedish sour herring, this Scandinavian ‘delicacy’ counts among the stinkiest dishes on the planet. The fermented fish is marinated in its own bacteria for months on end, resulting in a pong so intense, those who dare try it are advised to open the can underwater.

However, this nasty notoriety wasn’t enough to scare off adventurous mates Nick F, Simon C and K-lee G. These three, who make up Devonshire Idiot & Co., are dedicated to hardcore food challenges and ‘eating things so you don’t have to’.

The Devon-based friends decided to order in a can of Surströmming, with K-Lee G bravely stepping up to the plate; filming the gruesome results…


The foul odour was apparent as soon as K-Lee began to open the tin. She hadn’t even ‘enjoyed’ so much as a mouthful before she started retching over and over. As one of her fellow Devonshire Idiots said: ‘you never forget that smell’.

The tin finally opened and K-Lee looked visibly sick as she reached for a fork. Before preparing to tuck in, she said:

I can’t believe I’m actually going to stick one of my utensils in this sh*t.

As the amused cameramen peered into the the slimy grey contents of the open tin, they remarked upon the unique condition of the fish.

Cutting up the fish on a plate, K-Lee continued to retch and gag; the stench completely overwhelming her. At one point she panted with effort while trying to figure out which bit of the dire dish to eat first.

Shooting a haunting look towards the camera, K-Lee finally began to edge a forkful of fish towards her mouth; arm shaking with nausea as she admitted: ‘I’m f*cking sh*tting my pants’.


After cheering herself on, she eventually manages to press some fish against the tip of her tongue, heaving audibly all the way.

After a swift swig of beer, she forced the fish into her mouth; chewing bitterly before vomiting on the floor. And there was still plenty of fish to go.

Breathing heavily as she persisted, K-Lee then pushed the remainder of the fish around the plate, like a condemned woman contemplating her fate.

With a roar of ‘TFIF’, K-Lee shovelled in another repulsive mouthful, before baring her empty tongue triumphantly.

This disgusting process repeated itself again and again, and at no point did K-Lee appear to grow partial to the taste. Often her eyes rolled back into her head, and a few times she even fully vomited, her face contorted like a person possessed.

One of her friends admitted: ‘I can’t even begin to describe what it’s like, even as a spectator, to smell’.

Cutting up her final mouthful, K-Lee said: ‘I’ve tried people, I’ve tried. This is not enjoyable I promise you’. She then expressed her understandable desire to go home and floss.

Those commenting on the video were pretty impressed with Klee’s determination, with one person applauding:


This lady is easily one of the most hardcore people out there. First person I’ve actually seen swallow Surströmming.

While another confused viewer asked:

Is this food consumption or exorcism?

Will you be trying this uniquely pungent ‘delicacy’ any time soon?

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