Gordon Ramsay Has Finally Spoken Out About The Pineapple On Pizza Debate


Firebrand chef Gordon Ramsay has taken a day off from screaming at amateur cooks on dreadful reality programmes and waded into the fiercest culinary debate of our time: Pineapple on pizza? Yes or no?

While hosting ITV’s Nightly Show, Gordon sided with the confederation of rationality and claimed pineapple on pizza was a big no-no, even going so far as to tell an audience member pineapple ‘doesn’t fucking go on pizza’.

Ramsay’s not alone in his opinion as the Icelandic president, Gudni Thorlacius Johannesson, has suggested a ban while The Evening Standard reports that some of  Naples’ oldest pizzeria owners have called pineapple ‘horrible, wrong and weird’.

Check out Gordon’s views here…

Others claimed that the fruity dish was an ‘Americanised’ concept and only fit to be eaten by hungover students (I think even students have their limits).

The owner of L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele, which was voted best in the world, Serena Sarnataro claimed that when she was first introduced to the concept she was flabbergasted.

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She said: 

To a Neapolitan, pineapple is just something you would never have. It’s just wrong, the combination of flavours,” she told the Standard. “For us pizza is sacred, so it is weird to think you would put it on pizza. I first saw pineapple on a pizza on a school trip to England at 17.

We couldn’t believe it. It is something completely foreign to us — we would never do that. Everyone has got their own taste, but for me it is something that we would not approve of.

So there we have it top restaurants and a world class chef have all labelled pineapple on pizza a travesty, surely this settles the matter?

Now check out Gordon Ramsay putting his hand in a blender: