Gordon Ramsay ‘Severs Hand’ In Front Of TV Audience

The Nightly Show

Gordon Ramsay horrified the audience and TV presenter Frank Skinner when he ‘severs’ his hand while using a blender on The Nightly Show.

The Scottish chef was making a fruit salad on the programme when he decided to use a blender to complete the job.

That’s when Gordon popped backstage and sneakily revealed to viewers that he was going to prank Frank.

Check it out here:

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Gordon then returns to his kitchen station, places his finger in the blender blades as one of the crew starts trying to fix it

Then you hear Gordon scream ‘wait’ while the blender fills with blood and falls to floor with agony as the audience screams in shock and the TV crew rushes to help him.

Frank, not knowing how to react, makes a jokes and says, ‘Some of you might think this is a joke but not from where I’m sitting’.

The Nightly Show

Then, the 50-year-old Iron Chef leaps up off the floor to reveal his gag, leaving the audience in hysterics.

Gordon, not usually known for his sense of humour, was given high praise on social media after the prank.