Group Manage To Travel To Amsterdam Using Red Bull As Currency

by : UNILAD on : 23 Jan 2018 11:49

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A group of mates managed to get themselves from the UK to Amsterdam using just Red Bull as currency.

They embarked on the trip as part of the energy drink company’s Can You Make it? competition, which is now open to enter for 2018.

Red Bull invite teams of students starting from either Manchester, Budapest, Madrid, Rome or Stockholm, to take on the challenge armed with cans of Red Bull.

Watch the group on their adventure:


Guys Try To Get Out Of Britain With No Money

These guys try to get from London to Amsterdam with no money whatsoever ??

Posted by UNILAD on Friday, 26 January 2018

From April 10 to 17, more than 200 student teams from more than 60 countries across the world will attempt to make the journey to the Dutch capital using 24 cans of Red Bull as currency.

The groups (of three people) must use only Red Bull to trade for essentials including food, a place to sleep, transportation to the next location and for other needs that come up along the journey.

Cash, cards, Bitcoins and other forms of payment are not allowed.

Selected teams will have to hand over their cash, cards and phones in exchange for 24 cans of Red Bull.

They then have just seven days to reach the finish line in Amsterdam, hitting checkpoints at major cities along the way.

The Teams can also earn additional points on their journey by completing items on the Adventure List – which is a mix between a ‘scavenger hunt and a bucket list’.


In order to receive credit for ticking off items on the Adventure List, teams must prove it through photo or video. The more points at stake, the harder it is to complete.

If you fancy your chances, you have until 11PM on February 14 to apply.

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