Guy Accidentally Feeds Family Cannabis Butter, Things End Really Badly



With Halloween just around the corner, let us present you with a real-life horror story.

Redditor Dreamblook explained how his entire family ate a chicken dinner laced with a shit load of weed, after his mum mistook his ‘high quality cannabutter’ for vegan butter. Doh!

Before the effects really kicked in he turned to Reddit’s weed page, r/Trees asking for a bit of advice from fellow stoners, before practically live-blogging the whole evening.

It’s so damn awkward, but incredibly long so here’s just a few of the highlights.


To cover up his misdemeanour, he convinced his mum that the butter was just ‘off’. “I decided to tell her it was really old, so they will all just think they have food poisoning or something,” he said. Nice save.

But other family members who are a partial to a bit of the green stuff started noticing the effects.

He said:

Wtf guys my uncle is barely affected and laughs his ass off every time he looks at me. I think he knows. Ok so my uncle definitely knows. He noticed what it was when he ate it,but he didn’t say anything about it for whatever fucking reason intill after everyone ate it.


And then it just massively escalates from there, but we will let Dreamblook explain:

My father is slightly more liberal about drugs then I thought,apparently he smoked in high school but still didn’t recognize the taste. He is the type who likes Ronald Regan and Donald Trump so I’m kinda surprised. My father keeps trying to get pissed and scold at me,but the weed is preventing him from being mad for more then 30 seconds. My sister has locked herself in her room since after dinner so I assume/hope she is just sleeping. My mother on the other hand (Who 100% has never done any drugs, including alcohol/coffee/cigs) has been freaking out pretty bad.She has been having a intense existential crisis. I can get into more details about that later. She is greening out at this point and just threw up. I’m hoping that she puked some of the THC out. But it could have already absorbed into her body idk. My uncle has been doing a pretty great job at talking her down and convincing her to ride it out (She still thinks it is food poisoning)Some of you guys don’t understand that my mother CAN NOT KNOW SHE TOOK WEED .It would make the situation 100x worse. I will keep you guys updated if anything interesting happens.

Something interesting did happen once Dreamblook fell asleep, but it’s something that makes the whole tale take a seriously dark and unexpected turn.


He said:

So my sister woke up and thought she was dying, so she called 911 and then an ambulance came to the house. Reddit was wrong she wasn’t masturbating. I don’t really know 100% what exactly what happened during this time as I was sleeping. The cops woke me up and told me that my uncle told the EMT people that she was high. The EMT people took her to the hospital anyways and also called the cops over. They arrested my uncle on a felony possession charge (I live in a really harsh place for this). Because he had his own weed on him. I guess he also took the fall for my sister accidentally getting high. I can’t really confirmed any of this because the cops told me and I don’t trust the police now a days.

He went on to claim that he’s now been kicked out of his house by his parents and is currently hanging out at a gas station, thinking about his next move.

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Lesson well and truly learned, never EVER leave drugs in the family fridge.