Guy Dumps ‘Abusive’ Girlfriend, Responds To Her Demands Perfectly

by : UNILAD on : 07 Mar 2017 17:27

We’ve seen some pretty crazy relationship rules imposed by girlfriends during our time.


From Britain’s youngest lottery winner drawing up a long list of rules for her boyfriend while he was away in Ibiza, to a 10-year-old’s ball-busting regulations to an unwanted admirer, but they’ve got nothing on this.

Imgur user BladeWay explained that his girlfriend had been ‘very abusive’ towards him, forcing him stop talking to his best friend and most shockingly… turn vegan. Where’s the humanity?

After realising this was a pretty shitty deal, BladeWay came to his senses and responded to his girlfriend’s demands in the best possible way- by dumping her and cooking a good steak of course.


In an Imgur post, he said:

My girlfriend which was very abusive toward me forced me to stop talking to my best friend and turn vegan so I told her to pack her thing and cooked myself a good old steak.

It’s safe to say he chose wisely and the Imgur community agreed.

One commenter said: “This ticks off all the imgur boxes. A villainous woman, veganism, and super manly meat. See you on the front page.”

But by far the best comment was this beauty from noprobllama, who added: “Good thing you left her. Staying together would have been a missed steak.”


We couldn’t agree more.

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    I dumped my girlfriend for this