Guy Falls Asleep After Ordering Takeaway, Delivery Driver Saves The Day


It’s 4am, you’ve been out drinking and the only thing you can think about is eating a glorious, greasy kebab before staggering to bed and sleeping off the obscene amount of tequila you’ve consumed. We’ve all been there.

The one problem with ordering food at that time in the morning is that it can be pretty tricky staying awake. As this guy found out.

Twitter user Bert Yong, from Manchester, got the munchies at 4am but he inevitably nodded off before the food arrived. Thankfully, Bert had a very thoughtful driver.

Instead of bombarding Bert with missed calls and driving back to Mia Gee’s Grill with the food, the driver decided to hang the bag on the front door so that Bert could nurse his hangover the next morning with some cold kebab. Yum.

Despite the distinct lack of chilli sauce and the meat looking like leather, Bert tucked into his food the next morning.

The people of Twitter had nothing but praise for the thoughtful delivery driver:

Not all heroes wear capes.