Guy Has Brutally Honest Reactions To Wife Who’s Learning To Cook

by : Emily Brown on : 29 Jun 2021 16:11
Guy Has Brutally Honest Reactions To Wife Who's Learning To Cook@beclay/TikTok

Having someone cook for you can be a risky game, typically either resulting in a pleasant meal or a situation in which you have to pretend to enjoy whatever you’re eating.

There is a third possible outcome, however, where you just give a brutally honest reaction to the dish, whether it be good, bad, or downright inedible.


This is the path one man named Jonathan decided to take when his wife began learning to cook, documenting her creations and her husband’s thoughts on TikTok, where she goes by the username Beclay.

Check out one of his reactions below:


The TikToker has racked up more than 13,000 followers through sharing videos of her attempts at cooking, with her creations including pasta dishes, pancakes and peach cobbler.


There’s no denying that Beclay is committed to bettering her skills in the kitchen, often adding her own spin to recipes by throwing in a few extra spices, but unfortunately, the resulting meals don’t always go down well with her husband.

Jonathan is often sceptical about the food Beclay presents him with, so much so that sometimes he doesn’t even bother trying it. One clip shows her going to the effort of spelling out the word ‘love’ with sausages, only to have Jonathan eye it up and respond: ‘What in the world is that?’

Upon realising that his wife had spelt out a word with breakfast foods, he described the move as ‘thoughtful’ but admitted that he wasn’t going to eat it ‘right now’.

TikToker's husband pushes away breakfast (@beclay/TikTok)@beclay/TikTok

Some of Jonathan’s other responses to Beclay’s offerings include the determination that her chicken tortilla was ‘not really’ good, and that her pancakes were ‘too sweet’; a conclusion he reached based on the smell alone.

Though some chefs might be offended by Jonathan’s reactions, Beclay has assured that their relationship is ‘built off jokes and laughter’ and that she does not take anything he says personally.

Hopefully, Jonathan will start to have some more positive reactions as Beclay continues to practice her cooking, though there’s no denying his brutal comments are entertaining.

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