Guy Keeps Big Mac As A Pet For Two Months And It Was Just Brilliant


Remember when you were a kid and you asked your parents for a cat or dog, but they wouldn’t let you have one and you had to settle for a goldfish or some shit like that?

Well Matt Crook had a more creative idea and his pet had a longer life span then any of the fish that were in my families care, ever.

Pet Big Mac/Twitter

He successfully kept a Big Mac as pet for two whole months- inspirational. It all started back in November and in his defence he didn’t actually get the burger with the purpose of making it is his pet.

Matt just popped into his local McDonald’s in Welling and picked up a cheeky Big Mac meal and after realising his wife had dinner already prepared for him at home, he ditched the fries and drank the coke, but left his Big Mac in his bag. Doh.

After making the discovery at work the next day he chose not to throw his burger away, name him Pet Big Mac and the rest you might say, is history.

It’s fair to say Matt was very excited about his new pet.

So much so that he took it home to his mum’s for Christmas.

And he loved Christmas dinner just as much as the rest of us.

He even met Matt’s dog, though it almost didn’t end well.

Apparently he liked to make it rain.

And liked listening to some pretty sick beats.

And made some new friends.

He lived a pretty glorious life, but sadly Pet Big Mac’s time was short-lived.  His bun top broke and there was simply nothing vets could do.

And there was only one place left for Pet Big Mac to go after this tragedy struck.

Pet Big Mac may be gone, but his memory lives forever, as Matt started a dedicated Twitter and Facebook to share their adventures.

RIP Pet Big Mac, we will never forget you.