Guy Leaks Discount Codes For Every Domino’s In The UK

by : UNILAD on : 06 Mar 2017 00:00
Tom Church

A pizza personage is among us, and he selflessly provides all the discount codes for over 800 Domino’s stores in the UK.


Tom Church, a self proclaimed life hacker, updates his Project D voucher locating website everyday so that the codes remain up to date for all those ‘who love Domino’s so much, but can’t quite afford it’.

The ‘extreme bargain hunter’ lives by the adage of ‘maximise enjoyment, minimise effort’, so he wanted to spread the enjoyment of half Pepperoni Passion, half Vegi Supreme (his favourite) with the world.


All you do is type in your postcode and all of the valid voucher codes that have been posted through letter boxes, and discovered by the bargain hunting community are put into an algorithm…low and behold affordable pizza tailored to your area.


Speaking about how he started, the 26-year-old told UNILAD:

It began on my Facebook page. Once a week I did an event called “Project D”. People would share their post codes with me. I would then find them Domino’s voucher codes for their local store.

It then went massive. Hundreds of people every week. Eventually I couldn’t handle the demand for cheap Domino’s pizza. So I decided to find all the codes, for every store, and make it open to everyone.

Before this wonderful stunt, Tom has previously tricked Google into making him ‘Britain’s Sexiest man’ (try searching it), as well as living off reduced to clear stickers for a whole year.

The former UCL student cites Chancellor Phillip Hammond’s recent budget cuts to incomes of the self-employed as motivation.

Tom said:

People love it, especially since Chancellor Philip Hammond cut incomes of the self-employed. That’s good Domino’s money! Every day I look for the best deals and discounts online and share them. It’s weird, I know, but it’s my way of helping people. And so far, they’ve responded very kindly


The big question I wonder is ‘Won’t Domino’s realise and put a stop to it?’ – well Tom believes his loving relationship with Domino’s is mutually beneficial.

He said:

I love Domino’s and I think they will see that this increases their sales. Most people who use the tool are those that otherwise couldn’t afford it, or are in a big group making a large order. They share their pictures on social media, tell their friends, and ultimately enjoy more Domino’s. Everyone’s a winner!

Tom will be happy to find out that Louise Butler, a spokesperson from Domino’s, is ‘pleased’:

We work hard to get our voucher codes out to our valued customers, and frequently use promotions to raise money for our charity partner, Teenage Cancer Trust. We’re pleased Tom is also helping people enjoy the great taste of our freshly handmade pizza, whilst donating to charity – it would be great to hear how much he raises!

Most importantly, any money made from Project D is being donated to Comic Relief so it’s a guilt-free, moral bargain.

You’re welcome.

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