Guy Spent 29 Years Extracting Entirely Intact Bourbon Biscuit Filling


It seems these days a lot of people have unattainable goals.

Buy a house before you’re 25? Not a chance. Pay off all of your student loan before it gets wiped? Ha! Achieve a work-life balance and still earn a good salary? Good luck.

So when one man set out to achieve his life-long dream of extracting an intact Bourbon filling from the rest of the biscuit, he probably wasn’t expecting to succeed.

The biscuit lover posted his achievement on Reddit, saying he’d successfully managed to deconstruct the biscuit so that just the cream filling was left intact. And boy was it intact.

Look, don’t ask me why this was his life-long dream because I have no idea. What I do know is that he spent 29 years trying to achieve it, and now here he is – Bourbon biscuit extraordinaire.

The anonymous man wrote on subreddit Casual UK:

It’s only taken me 29 years, but I’ve FINALLY managed to isolate an intact bourbon biscuit filling

I mean, just look at it. Even the biscuit haters of you out there have to admit that’s pretty impressive. There’s no biscuit in sight!

Lad Spent 29 Years Extracting Intact Bourbon Biscuit Fillingremtard_remmington/Reddit

Obviously, because this is the UK and there’s nothing we love more than a good biscuit (especially a good Bourbon biscuit), the post went viral. And quickly.

Having received more than 21K upvotes in just two days (a number which is still growing), the post has led thousands to congratulate the man on his achievement.

While one person said, ‘this is the content I subscribed for,’ another person said: ‘everything from now on will seem like an anticlimax’.

Another person wasn’t holding back, declaring:

Do you know how many brits have died never achieving the isolated bourbon cream middle? Any arsehole and their dog can climb everest these days and not one will have achieved what you have.

Rise, Viscount Bourbon.

Which, you know, is some praise. Although we don’t know why exactly this man took it upon himself to separate the entirety of a Bourbon biscuit, we do know how he did it.

Responding to some of his ‘fan’s’ questions – mostly, HOW?! – the man said he had ‘literally just [used his] bare hands’ and ‘very precise nibbles’ to extract the filling. ‘It was mainly the hands though,’ he added.

Well, there you have it. Now who’s willing to spend the next 29 years trying to beat his record?

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