Guy Trolls Selfridges Using Personalised Arse-Joke Nutella Jars


Personalised gifts have always provided the perfect fodder for trolling, so when Nutella came up with the idea of putting messages on their jars…

Enter Irish writer Seamas O’Reilly. He noticed that London department store Selfridges were offering the personalised jars and immediately realised the fun he could have.

He told Mashable: 

I was passing Selfridges a few weeks back and saw the Nutella personalisation desk. I started with the Irish term ‘backdirt’, which means shite.

Their set-up was fairly meticulous though with about four people working there, usually a duty manager skulking around. Avoiding or bypassing these other workers became part of the thrill.

But he did indeed manage to get his messages through…

Apparently the term ‘arsemuck’ caused him a few problems, but he persevered with his Irish charm, managing to convince the hapless Selfridges employee it was an Irish name.

However, it did get harder and harder to sneak the jars past staff, and it sounds like Seamas began to get a little paranoid:

[On] two trips, I’d actually left the queue because I swore I saw the manager nudging staff and pointing me out. I like to imagine they have a mugshot of me back there, smiling innocently and, underneath, the words ‘NO MOR JARZ’.

Seamas admitted to Mashable that it’s getting difficult to come up with more that explicitly imply that there’s poo in the jar. Also, he doesn’t particularly like Nutella.