Guy Turns Bus Into Movable Pub And It Looks Incredible


This project is literally the stuff dreams are made of.

Peter Sonneveld spent 20 months grafting away to renovate a 1970’s bus and transform it into a movable pub. And it’s fair to say he’s done it real justice.

Peter, 34, from Guildford, Surrey, said: “It was absolutely worth it. I got to spend time playing with a big bus.”

However, there’s one not-so small problem. Standing at 6ft 6, Peter is too tall to fit behind the bar, so he’s had to hire shorter staff to pull pints.

It’s fair to say he was pretty gutted after making the discovery, but he’s now hired a ‘crack team’ of waitresses to make it happen, while he’s behind the wheel.

However, before you think this is the ultimate portable party bus, there is a catch. He can’t have the bar running while he’s driving about. Shame.

Peter – who quit his job to work on the bus – reckons he’s spent around £30,000 overall on the project.

We think it was well worth it!