Guy Turns Wifes Placenta Into Cocktails And Pizza For His Mates


This is a pretty bizarre way of celebrating the birth of your child, to say the very least.

A husband put his wife’s placenta into cocktails and pizza, and invited a friend over for dinner. As you do. It makes the invention test on Masterchef look well easy.

When their first kid was born, Tom Maddock, 31,  blended the placenta into a drink, but he wanted to go up a level in the weirdness stakes after the birth of his second child, Nellie.

He put wife Amanda’s placenta into a ‘daiquiri’ cocktail and pizza, the Manchester Evening News reports.

Surprisingly, their friend Cat O’Keefe didn’t turn her nose up after she got the invite from Tom.

Speaking to Manchester Evening News, Amanda, 37 said:

When Tom blended my first placenta me and my friend Cat had a try. It was sort of ‘I will if you will’. It tasted very metallic and she said if I have another child we’d go the whole hog and have a sit down meal, half joking really. But when we’d had my second daughter Nellie and Tom said he was looking for recipes I warned my mate he was serious.

He made a strawberry daiquiri put some pepper in it and blended the placenta into the drink.

Amanda continued: “It was delicious. It just tasted like strawberry daiquiri.” To be honest, I’m a bit dubious.

Speaking about the drink after their first baby was born, Tom said:

The first time I just blended it and drank it and it was pretty grim to be honest – you could just taste the blood and it was gristly and fatty. The second time round I thought right, let’s do it properly so I started looking on the internet for ideas.Some of them were quite complicated with loads of faffing so I just thought well my favourite food is pizza so I’ll just cook it up with some onion and garlic. When I tasted a bit on its own it had a similar taste and texture to liver but as soon as I put the garlic and onion with it, it was lovely.

Funnily enough, not all his friends were mega impressed.

He added:

Some friends thought I was a weirdo for eating it but it’s no different to eating something like black pudding. At least you know where it’s come from and you don’t get more organic than your wife’s placenta.

Whatever floats your boat I guess…