Guy’s Discovery Confirms What We Always Knew About ALDI Food

by : UNILAD on : 18 Apr 2017 16:31

If you’ve ever felt that with certain brands you are just paying for the name then you’d be absolutely right, and now there appears to be solid proof.


As reported by the Daily Mirror, Graeme Clapp and his wife made a jaw-dropping discovery inside their 99p ten-pack of Snackrite Hoops…

*Pause for dramatic effect.

Inside their bag was ten packets of KP Hula Hoops – thus suggesting both came from the same factory, and having inspected the ingredients are nigh on identical too.

And the Clapps aren’t the first to notice!


Martin O’Hanlon‏ posted on Twitter along with an image as evidence:

Mrs O’Hanlon found an unopened packet of Aldi Hoops inside a multipack of KP Hula Hoops. Still ate them tho! @AldiUK

A spokesperson for KP Snacks told The Sun:

This looks like an unfortunate error at the packaging stage which we are investigating.


Given a seven-pack of Hula Hoops costs a reported £1.60 the Clapp’s came out on top in this scenario.

And yet up and down the nation people continue to pay more for what boils down to nothing more than a name. Well no more.


A general election is on the horizon, the people’s voice will be heard, and no longer will we buy into the myth that we must pay more for less because it has a fancier name!

Viva la revolucion!

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