Guys Eat Ghost Chilli Dipped In World’s Hottest Chilli Sauce, Instantly Regret It

Guys try world's hottest chilliViralHog

Two guys decided to eat a ghost chilli dipped in the world’s hottest chilli sauce, and what followed was essentially just a world of pain. 


Eating hot chillis never appears to go down well for the people who choose to do it. It seems to be one of those things that no matter how bad the eater’s reaction is, someone else decides they still want to experience the heat.

Well, if you’ve ever thought ‘surely it can’t be that bad?’, maybe this video will make you reconsider.


Check out the two chaps eating the chilis here – but if seeing people throw up makes you sick, you should probably have a bucket at hand:

Rather than easing their way in by trying a ghost chilli by itself, the pair decided to go all or nothing and dip the pepper into some Carolina Reaper sauce made from the world’s hottest chilli.

According to Pepperhead, the Carolina Reaper has a Scoville Heat Unit (SHU) of 2,200,000. Scoville Heat Units are used to measure spiciness, and while I’m not entirely sure what the rating is out of, I think we can all agree that 2,200,000 is a pretty big number.

To add some perspective, Pepperhead explains that the Carolina Reaper is 200 times hotter than a jalapeno pepper.


So pretty damn hot, basically.

Guys try world's hottest chilliViralHog

Unbelievably, the two men made the horrible decision to combine the ghost chilli with Carolina Reaper Chilli Mash purely because they were bored.

One of the guys explained:


Me and my mate were bored so we ventured out to find the world’s hottest chiles and take the challenge.

Seriously, if you’re bored, just watch TV or something. Or find a less painful challenge to take part in, like the baby shark one.

One of the boys tried to out-chilli his mate, encouraging him to coat the ghost pepper with more Carolina Reaper, but the boy refused to be swayed saying ‘f*ck that’, which was probably the best decision anyone could have made, given the situation.

The pair counted to three before popping the chillis into their mouths, and it only took a couple of seconds for the guy in the cap to start retching.

His friend stuck with his more sensible mindset and spat the spicy pepper out after about five seconds, but the guy in the cap prevailed, doing his best to try and keep the chilli in despite his whole body disagreeing.

Guys try world's hottest chilliViralHog

He started to throw up and scream as the heat took hold, and while his friend still struggled to cool down his mouth, it seems the guy who went in for a full coating of Carolina Reaper got the brunt of the pain.

Serves him right for being cocky, really.

Both men chugged milk to try and cool their burning mouths, but ended up drooling a lot of it on the floor, which must have ended up swimming in a gross combination of puke, snot, chilli and milk.

The guy in the cap noticed this, and in between screams of pain yelled ‘I’ve been sick on the floor, my mum’s gonna go mad!’

Despite this realisation, he made no attempt to move, and continued to throw up.

Then, turning very Will from The Inbetweeners after he’s had some marijuana, the boy in the cap started to call out for his mum for help.

The pain continued for the two boys, and when milk didn’t seem to do the trick, the guys decided to bite huge chunks out of an ice lolly instead – only to then struggle with the pain of the cold.

Guys eat hottest chillisViralHog

The pair spent the majority of the video looking like they completely hated their lives, and definitely regretted their decision.

They also bounced up and down a lot. Perhaps that was one of the effects of the chillis, though I highly, highly recommend no one tries one to find out.


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