Here’s How Long It Would Take To Go On A Pub Crawl Across The UK


Boozy scientists have finally started researching something that we can get behind, the shortest route for a UK wide pub crawl with nearly 25,000 stops. 

The 28,270 miles long run would take you a fair amount of time to complete, especially if you were having a pint in each  of the routes 24,727 pubs, as it’s actually longer than circumference of the Earth, so it’s not something you’re dong in a weekend.

The maths professor who led the international team who calculated the run, William Cook, has said this is the longest single road route ever worked out.


To work out the shortest route between each of the pub Professor Cook from the University of Waterloo in Canada fed  the distance between 305,000 pairs of pubs into computers.

The route they devised is circular, so anyone wishing to try their hand at the three year boozfest can start the crawl at any point, but the team began their calculations at the The Green Shutters in Portland and ended at its neighbour, The Rodwell in Weymouth, a four-mile walk away.


The average distance between each pub is an hour but you may want to get one for the journey during the 270-mile, 50-hour trip, from the Sango Sands Oasis in Durness to the Bells But & Ben in Shetland.

That said the research team behind the study did not that this journey would include two ferry rides there they’d serve beer and other drinks.

It kind of blow the World’s End run out of the water doesn’t it…