Here’s How You Make A Fire Using A Lemon

20th Century Fox

Picture the scene. You’re stranded in the wilderness, night is closing in all around, you need light, you need warmth – you need a fire.

Searching through the few random items you have in your bag you realise there’s no matches, no lighter and no chance.

But wait a second, what’s this? It’s a lemon, some copper clips, zinc nails, a bit of wire and some steel wool – you vaguely remember an article you read on UNILAD…

Begin by sticking copper fasteners into the fruit…


Add some zinc nails…


Connect the copper to the zinc on a diagonal…


Attach one insulated wire to the free copper fastener and one to the free zinc nail…


Touch the two wires to a piece of steel wool to create a short-circuit, and watch the steel wool heat up!


Basically, the current is generated through oxidation-reduction – a chemical reaction that occurs when the zinc from the nails dissolves into the citric acid, reports Bored Panda.

The lemon itself doesn’t generate electricity, but don’t just waste it. Chances are if you’re lost in the wilds you won’t have much access to vitamin C – which could lead to a nasty case of scurvy.

Scurvy is a disease caused by a vitamin C deficiency whose symptoms include the loss of teeth and eventual death – so get that lemon toasted and feel that vitamin C rush while relaxing next to your lovely fire.