Here’s What A McDonald’s Meal Looks Like When It’s Been Left For 10 Years


Will this finally be enough to put you all of your Maccies? 

It’s no secret that your McDonald’s isn’t exactly full to the brim with the good stuff, but this test may have just finally proved once and for all that it’s simply not natural.

A Redditor posted a picture of a cheeseburgers and fries which apparently remained untouched for 10 years (they have a load more willpower than I have).


The post read: “Purchased April 2006, never refrigerated – do not eat!”

And the result? Well it didn’t really change at all, that’s if you’re willing to believe the authenticity of the post. Despite that, it’s not exactly an encouraging sign of its nutritional value or lack of.


But is it just me who thinks the decade old chips might actually look better than those anaemic things we usually get served up?

Anyway, apparently there is a logical explanation for all of this though, as a fellow Redditor explained:

What never gets mentioned in these posts is that food has to have moisture to mold and spoil. McDonald’s cooks the moisture out of most of their food, which is why it’s rockhard if you reheat it, and is also why it looks the same after years.

McDonalds SalesPA

Still though, it’s got to be enough to give you second thoughts about digging into a Maccies, right?

What am I saying, of course it won’t be.