Here’s What Football Fans Across Europe Eat

by : UNILAD on : 28 Nov 2015 17:09

In England, we love nothing more than a pie (albeit an overpriced one) during half time at the footy.


That might be the case for Premier League fans, but across Europe, there are some rather different – and quite surprising – things that people eat.

For example, bratwurst is eaten in Germany, and while you might expect that, you probably wouldn’t have guessed that fans in Turkey drink Aryan – a salted yoghurt drink.


Greeks eat Vromiko – which is sold by vendors so dubious it literally translates into the word filthy. Nice.


Chips and mayo are a staple in Belgium and sunflower seeds also seem popular in a fair few countries.


Here’s the full list, from UEFA…

Albania: Qebab or Qofte

Andorra: Sunflower seeds

Albania: Sunflower seeds

Austria: Schnitzelburgers

Azerbaijan: Sunflower seeds


Belarus: Sunflower seeds

Bosnia: Salted grapes and pumpkin seeds

Belgium: Chips and mayonnaise

Bulgaria: Sunflower seeds

Croatia: Seeds and peanuts

Cyprus: Breadsticks, peanuts, koubes, sticky bombes

Czezh Republic: klobása sausages and beer

Denmark: Sausages with kethup and mustard plus beer

England: Beef tea and meat pies

Estonia: Soup, hot dogs, garlic bread, and beef jerky

Faroe Islands: Coffee and sweets


Finland: Sausage with mustard, with coffee

France: Sausage sandwiches and cider

Macedonia: Sunflower and pumpkin seeds

Georgia: Sunflower seeds and peanuts

Germany: Bratwurst and beer

Gibraltar: Sunflower seeds

Greece: Vromiko (similar to a hot dog)

Hungary: Beer and sunflower seeds

Iceland: Pizza/hot dogs and soda

Israel: Sunflower seeds

Italy: Sausage and onion sandwich

Kazakhstan: Crisps and pies

Latvia: Beer and crisps

Liechtenstein: Beer and sausage

Lithuania: Beer and fried bread with garlic

Luxembourg: Beer and sausage

Malta: Cappuccino and a sandwich

Moldova: Sunflower seeds

Montenegro: Beer, sunflower seeds and peanuts

Netherlands: Beer and hamburgers

Northern Ireland: Burgers, coffee, and soup

Norway: Sausage in bread

Poland: Sausages and hot dogs

Portugal: Bifanas (a pork-steak sandwich), entremeadas (a bacon sandwich), and couratos (a pork-rind sandwich)

Republic of Ireland: Beef tea, and maybe a bag of chips

Romania: Sunflower and pumpkin seeds

Russia: Sunflower seeds, peanuts, and other nuts.

San Marino: Piarina (a flatbread with cheese and salami/ham)

Scotland: Beef tea and meat pies

Serbia: Pumpkin and sunflower seeds, sugar-glazed fruits

Slovakia: Sunflower seeds and sausages

Slovenia: Hamburgers, hot dogs, and popcorn

Spain: Sunflower seeds

Sweden: Hot dogs

Switzerland: Sunflower seeds

Turkey: Kofte emek (a meatball sandwich), and aryan (a salted yoghurt drink)

Ukraine: Sunflower seeds

Wales: Tea and meat pie

Interesting stuff.

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