Here’s What Haribo’s Green Gummy Bears Are Actually Flavoured


For years man has pondered the mysteries of the universe; what happens to us when we die? Why are we here? What flavour are green HARIBO gummy bears?

Well put away your thinking caps because we’re about to blow the lid off these mysteries, now!

In order; we break down into carbon, there is no meaning to life – which is what makes it so exciting – and strawberry.


Yes you read that right, the green gummy bears that come in HARIBO Starmix are in fact strawberry flavoured not apple, lime or even schnozzberry.

Right now you’re no doubt picking your jaw up off the floor, but I’m willing to bet you’re also wondering ‘in that case, what ungodly flavour are the red gummy bears then?’

And the answers is… raspberry! Bet your jaw’s hurting from hitting the ground so often in such a short space of time.


The startling news was confirmed by a HARIBO spokesperson who also claimed that some of the green gelatin treats in other HARIBO products are indeed apple flavoured.

They said: 

We can confirm that green Goldbears found in HARIBO Goldbears and HARIBO Juicy Goldbears are in fact apple flavour. However, the green bear that features in Starmix is strawberry flavoured!

People on social media – with no sense of perspective – of course lost their shit about the news.

They wrote: 

Did you know the truth behind the green HARIBO? If so please let me know in the comments by posting the phrase ‘HARIBO GREEN IS STRAWBERRY’.

Points if you get the reference…