Here’s What People Actually Think About Elon Musk’s Tequila

by : Saman Javed on : 29 Dec 2020 12:49
Here’s What People Actually Think About Elon Musk's TequilaHere’s What People Actually Think About Elon Musk's TequilaPA Images/Tesla

It’s been a year of many achievements for Elon Musk. In the last 12 months, stocks in Tesla have surged, he welcomed a new baby and even launched his own tequila.

Tesla Tequila landed in November. Despite an eye-watering price of $250 a piece, it sold out within hours of lift-off. Packaged in a statement, lightning bolt shaped bottle it was a sure hit among both Tesla and Tequila fans.


The alcohol materialised just over 18 months after Musk first teased the product back in 2018, on April Fools Day. While much of his following first thought the billionaire was joking, he came through on his word.

Tesla makes alcoholTesla makes alcoholTesla

As one fan we spoke to, Patrick Delgado from Texas put it: ‘When Elon Musk says he’s going to do something, he does it.’

According to the Tesla website, the product is an agave tequila añejo aged in French oak barrels, ‘featuring a dry fruit and light vanilla nose with a balanced cinnamon pepper finish’.


While many missed out on the drop, we tracked down those lucky enough to get their hands on a bottle to see if the tequila is worth the hype.

Delgado was one of the eager fans who managed to get his hands on two bottles.

Elon MuskElon MuskPA Images

‘One of them, I am going to drink the whole bottle with my friends at a Christmas party,’ he said.


He added:

When Elon tweeted out that the tequila was coming I immediately knew I was gonna buy the maximum amount that I was able to. It’s actually way beyond my expectations. The bottle looked cool online but in person, it’s something else. I’m very, very impressed.

As for bottle number two, he said he will keep it unopened: ‘I will probably put it on display and just never open it, but always keep it as a collector’s item.’

It’s ‘by far the coolest bottle of Tequila’, he has ever seen.


‘If anyone has a full shelf-bar, the Tesla Tequila definitely deserves to be the centre-piece,’ he added.

One YouTuber, Chad Johnson, says his decision to buy the tequila was largely because ‘it’s so ridiculous’.

‘It’s obviously an indulgence, but it kind of felt like a very silly and ridiculous indulgence. I also enjoy alcohol so it felt like something fun.


Chad said: ‘It was definitely an impulse buy. I just saw it roll across my twitter timeline and impulse bought it. Part of me feels like I missed out on the flame thrower that happened, so I wanted to have that joy I saw everyone else have.’

In 2018, Musk sold flamethrowers for $500 apiece, the sales of which raised $10 million for his tunnel project, the Boring Company.

‘It’s totally different to what I expected, which was a very traditional bottle. It’s almost incredibly impractical,’ he said, before admitting that he bought it knowing the purchase was ‘a little obnoxious’.

‘Almost to be like yeah, I got the Tesla Tequila, it was an absurd, unreasonable purchase and now I own it. I haven’t opened it yet and probably gonna hold off until a special occasion,’ he added.

Gail Alfar, the vice president of communications at the Tesla Owners Club of Austin, said she bought the bottle because there is no better way to celebrate Tesla joining the S&P 500.

Gail Alfar

‘I felt the packaging was wonderful, as the bottle arrived safely. I don’t really think I will drink it in the near future, because I will wait until the Tesla shot glasses are available,’ she said, adding that she wouldn’t want to drink it alone either.

‘When the pandemic is over; I want to drink it with friends!’

Rhys Samson, a Tesla fan and shareholder knows a thing or two about tequila. As for Musk’s offering to the market, he said it is ‘absolutely delicious’.

He explained:

It drinks very clean and it finishes nicely with just the right amount of burn you would expect from a tequila, it’s really good.

It’s consistent with some of the really good tequila I’ve had. I hope I don’t end up finishing it.

‘The bottle itself is beautiful, it’s just a work of art,’ he added, noting that the colour of the tequila, adds to its overall aesthetic.

Elon MuskElon MuskPA Images

Matt Miller, a trader from Texas who invests in Tesla, says he bought the bottle to have as a decoration, but also to have something to celebrate with every time he has a good trade.

‘Tesla has been on a big run this past year, making a lot of money for a lot of people, so as far as supporting the culture and the group of people I trade with, I had to get the bottle.

‘[Musk’s] stock is going up like crazy, so as part of the industry, I got it to celebrate and enjoy some of our gains from Tesla. Every time I have a good day on my trading stream, I’m gonna pour one out and have it.’

As for the Tequila itself, Matt said the packaging is super nice and feels like a luxury, high-end item.

The trader is trying not to drink too much of the tequila: ‘It definitely tastes like a more expensive tequila. I don’t know if I would call it a $250 tequila, but it is good.

‘I just poured it straight, I was able to sip on it I didn’t have to throw it back or anything,’ he adds.

When asked if he has tasted better tequilas in the past, he said: ‘yeah, but not many.’

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