Here’s Where You Can Find The Best And Worst Pints In The UK


In an era where you’ll soon be able to purchase a crate of vagina beer, it’s probably as good a time as any to talk about where you can find the best served pint in the UK.

As a northerner myself, it comes as no surprise that pubs ‘up north’ are more likely to serve their pints in optimum condition than our southern counterparts.

A survey reported in the Mirror, also claims that in terms of hygiene, the North continues to dominate as there is a bigger chance of them pouring their beer through clean pipes.


But where will you find the best? The cleanest, the most satisfying, the tastiest, and most thirst-quenching pint in the whole of this damn country? Doncaster.

Yeah, bit of a an anticlimax there. We know. But you can’t argue with the 2016 Beer Quality Report who crown Doncaster their champion.

The runners up are as follows:

In second place: Southport
Third: Chesterfield
Fourth: Warrington
And fifth: Derby


However, perhaps more interestingly, where did the report find you are most likely to get a shitty pint?

Turns out it’s Reading.

The survey concluded that, although Reading reigns as the worst place in the UK for a pint, it was closely followed by Hereford, Plymouth, Andover, and Swindon.


But, if you happen to come from Reading, don’t feel too down as some experts have argued that the findings of the report aren’t too important.

Roger Protz, of the Campaign for Real Ale ’s annual Good Beer Guide, said:

The quality in most pubs is pretty good – I’ve found little difference in the North and the South.

Personally, my simple philosophy is – if it gets you pissed, whether North or South, then to me, it’s a pretty good pint. I’m easily pleased…