Here’s Why It’s Called A Hamburger When It’s Not Made Of Ham

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Have you ever found yourself pissed up in a takeaway at 3am munching on a hamburger and wondering, “wait, why is it called a hamburger when it’s made of beef and not ham?”

Maybe it’s common knowledge to you, or you might be vegan and just not care. If that’s the case, feel free to leave the article and make your way to the comment section to tell everyone you’re vegan.


But it is a question that has played on the mind of meat-eaters for many years now. And although the answer may seem pretty obvious, it can still serve as a pretty interesting fact for the next time you’re next sat in the pub with your mates on a Sunday afternoon.


You’ll have probably guessed that the name has absolutely nothing to do with the ingredients.

It is in fact named after the German port city of Hamburg, where the minced-beef style dish became popular back in the 1800s.


Hamburg Meat was nothing but chopped meat eaten raw, but it was one of the most expensive meals you could buy.


As with most things, it wasn’t long before it landed on American shores when German immigrants made their way over to the U.S. a few years later.

According to Today I Found Out, the very first Hamburger on a bun as we know it today (minus all of the bacon, cheese, gherkins and everything else we slap on them nowadays), was served in St. Louis in the 1904 World Fair.


So, there you have it. A little bit of trivia for you.

Oh shit, that’s just got me thinking.

Why’s it called a hotdog if it’s not made of dog? Standby for that article.

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