Here’s Why One German Supermarket Is The Best In The World

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Aldi has come in for a whole heap of praise in the last few years, and things have gotten even better for the German supermarket chain.


One study from the Business Insider has now claimed it’s actually the best supermarket chain in the world.

Not only are they the cheapest, they also have the highest quality products, and look after customers.

There are 8,000 Aldi stores around the world, with more being added all the time, and here’s why they’ve managed to be so successful.

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German efficiency

They need fewer staff than most supermarkets, and that means they are not only more efficient, but that the savings can be passed back on to the consumers.

The milk arrives on racks, meaning it can be restocked in a matter of seconds, with the private label packaging designed for easy scanning use.

Produce is packaged and sold together, meaning staff don’t have to weigh items at the checkout.

Interior of Aldi supermarket in LondonInterior of Aldi supermarket in LondonGuardian

Private labels

A massive 90% of the items on shelves in the store are private labels, again making it far cheaper when customers get to the tills.

Fewer items are on sale than in most supermarkets, but that means Aldi can increase sales and drive up discounts.


Costco also use a similar sales model, with Aldi having 1,400 products on sale, in comparison to the 40,000 on shelves in the average supermarkets.

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No-frills design

Boxes are used instead of shelves whenever possible, meaning staff don’t have to spend their time constantly restocking shelves.

Again that saves time and manpower, meaning the savings can be passed down to the consumers.

Utility costs are also cut by using natural and efficient lighting wherever possible.

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They’ve got the plastic bag situation down

Way before normal supermarkets started to charge for plastic bags, Aldi were already encouraging customers to bring their own bags for life.

They also charged for plastic bags way before that became a must.

You also have to place money in the trolley before getting it, with the store claiming the savings from not having a security guard to police the trolleys can again be passed onto the customers.


So basically, get yourselves down to Aldi.

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