Hipsters Lose As Prime Beef Is Still The UK’s Favourite Burger Filling


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You may or may not have noticed that over the past few years, more and more menus feature burgers that, frankly, ten years ago would have seen the person making it in court for attempted murder.

From peanut butter and jelly to mac n cheese buns to avocado and chocolate, the burger industry has gone completely insane. While some creations are jaw-droppingly stunning, others make me want to curl up in a ball, lock the door and not come out again until it’s all blown over.

And don’t even get me started on people not serving food on a damn plate!

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Anyway, with the rise of the adventurous burger, it should come as a surprise that actually, Britain’s favourite burger still remains a good old-fashioned beef burger.

While a burger out of a van is still a necessary part of life on the British Isles, the average Brit now wants his beef burger to be 95% beef from a prime Angus cut, nestled in a classic sesame seed bun. Brioche can do one.

According to research from online supermarket Ocado, Brits are becoming more adventurous with toppings, as blue cheese has taken top spot from cheddar, which has dropped into third place behind bacon.


Ketchup is also now no longer the top sauce with Heinz Burger Sauce now the nation’s favourite to go on top.

However, while proper beef may be the choice for the carnivores on these British Isles, we have got some vegetarians too who seem to think cheese-filled patties are the top burger choice, specifically Linda McCartney Mozzarella Burgers.

However, for veggies, surprisingly Worcester sauce takes top spot to add to their burger.


The biggest surprise however is what people want alongside their burger. For years the exalted French fry has reigned supreme but as we well know, 2017 is no ordinary year. People have been making wild decisions in every walk of life and it seems burger accompaniment is no different. Incredibly, the potato wedge has become the nation’s favourite side.

And with that, I’m off for a burger and some CHIPS.

Happy National Burger Day!