Human DNA And ‘Mystery Meats’ Found In ‘Cannibal Sausages’

by : UNILAD on : 26 Oct 2015 12:06

In a week full of horrendous food news, could it get any worse? Apparently, yes, yes it can.


Scientists found terrifying contents in hot dog sausages, with one in 50 containing human DNA and many more packed with ‘mystery meat’, or in other words – proper grim.

Using genetic detection techniques, researcher could reveal the exact contents of 345 separate brands of American hotdogs – I wish they bloody hadn’t to be honest.

They found human DNA in two per cent of the total samples and two thirds of vegetarian hot-dogs. Before any vegetarians out there panic, thinking you’re possibly a cannibal, don’t- It’s more than likely to have come from saliva or other bodily fluids. Still pretty grim though and it gets worse for veggies, as vegetarian sausages accounted for two thirds of hygiene issues highlighted during the research.


All in all, a total of 14.4 per cent of hotdogs in the research contained “problematic ingredients”, so that’s about 1 in 7- fantastic. Clear Food, the analysis firm which undertook the study stated: “Sausages are the world’s original ‘mystery meat,’ and hot dogs have always provoked ingredient anxiety,”- well after this report I think it’s fair to say that anxiety will only get a hell of a lot worse.

For those of you who think you’re safe by buying an expensive banger will make a difference, well I have bad news for you too. Their team found no correlation between the price of the sausages and the quality, meaning they are equal in ‘dodginess factor’.


This comes in the same week that a World Health Organisation report is set to tell everyone that eating processed meat, including our beloved bacon, will be as likely to give you cancer as smoking.

Fuck this, I’m going vegan.

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