Insane Chef Turns McDonald’s Big Mac Into Sushi

Hiroyuki Terada/YouTube

I know people are into their fusion food, but this guy takes the biscuit…

In this latest foodie video, East doesn’t just meet West- it crashes into it head first. Hiroyuki Tenada – the chef responsible for YouTube series “Diaries of a Master Sushi Chef” attempts to transform a Big Mac into a beautiful sushi roll. Bonkers, right?

Hiroyuki Terada/YouTube

Apparently not. You may think this would be destined to be a complete culinary disaster, turning an ultimately greasy disappointment into something as delicate and dainty as sushi, but Hiroyuki absolutely smashes it.

He transforms the hangover food of choice amongst many into something that wouldn’t be out of place at a rather posh dinner party.

Hiroyuki Terada/YouTube

Hiroyuki Terada -Head Chef at NoVe Kitchen and Bar in Miami- deconstructs the burger piece by piece before laying it out flat and reconstructing it as a sushi roll. He then tops it off with some extra tomato, avocado, BBQ sauce, spicy mayo and salad.

The Big Mac sushi roll appears in Mr Terada’s video series “Will It Sushi”?

Maybe this will inspire a future Maccy D’s sushi range? We bloody hope not…