Is This Really The Recipe For The Perfect Bacon Butty?

by : UNILAD on : 05 Sep 2016 16:06
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In the name of International Bacon Day, science has found the recipe for a perfect bacon butty.

The nation’s porky habits were researched and it turns out most of us want white un-toasted sliced bread, smoked bacon and brown sauce, the Telegraph reports.


Now brown sauce was really ‘hogging’ the show here, but I find it a bit sow-er (sorry)… Personally, I would say ketchup all the way!

The research, by Direct Line for Business, found 21 per cent of people prefer a white bap to white slices of bread.

The strange six per cent who want brown for their butty do actually exist, while some regions enjoy stotties (a flat round loaf, common in the North East), sourdough, tiger bread and Belgian waffles.


While most Brits go for the classic streaks with sauce, when they do fancy a little extra with their bacon, a fried egg is a favourite.

Marco Pierre White famously (and highly controversially) thinks his perfect bacon is made in the microwave for two minutes.

That particular food tip received mixed reviews…


And it seems the nation is hugely divided across a brown and red sauce line!

People in the East of England or Wales tend to prefer ketchup, while those in the West tend to go for brown sauce in their butties.


Jazz Gakhal, Head of Direct Line for Business, said:  

Bacon butties have been the staple British breakfast for years, helping fuel the nation as they head to work or wind down on the weekend.

The humble butty inspires passion and debate, and there are those that will always claim bacon needs ketchup, but brown sauce is the collective favourite.

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