Is This Swiss Restaurant Really Serving Cat And Dog On Its Menu?

Facebook/La Table Suiss

This new Swiss restaurant is causing quite a stir on social media and has even sparked an online petition. 

The restaurant is called La Table Suisse, and the reason people are so up in arms is that it claims to serve both cat and dog meat on its menu, reports the Metro.

Since a promotional video for the restaurant was shared on the Facebook pages of both Peta and the Vegan Society of Switzerland, outraged animal lovers have bombarded the restaurant’s social media with angry comments.

On top of that a petition has been launched to try and get the restaurant shut down. However, dig a little deeper – as they did at the Metro – and all this might not be as clear cut as it seems…

The restaurant has almost no social media presence – in fact it currently has just 16 Twitter followers and a few hundred Facebook likes.

Facebook/La Table Suiss

It also has no address or phone number and a Facebook statement claims the restaurant’s details were removed after ‘vandalism’ from vegetarians.

There’s nothing on Google Maps and pretty much no reviews or web presence at all – except for the video.

The chef featured in the promo is supposed to be a guy called Moritz Brunner and according to Facebook this is him:

Facebook/La Table Suiss

However, he has no personal Facebook profile or Twitter account and this guy seems to be the only Moritz Brunner to pop up:

So, with such a low profile you have to wonder how the animal rights campaigners heard about it in the first place? For them it ties into an interesting point – why do people become so outraged at the thought of eating dogs and cats, but pigs and cows are fine to eat?

The Vegan Society of Switzerland, for example, questioned whether this menu is really much worse than your average non-vegetarian menu.

When non-vegans believe others are eating animals whose flesh and fluids are arbitrarily taboo to consume in our…

Posted by Brain on Hugs on Tuesday, February 9, 2016

It seems pretty likely that it is in fact just a well executed piece of satire and Vegan page Brain on Hugs posted:

La Table Suisse is not real. It’s satire and was probably made by vegans. It’s great satire that gets a point across brilliantly – anyone who is arbitrarily upset about people eating cats and dogs needs to do some deep soul searching about why exactly it’s okay to eat from other innocent animals’ bodies.

Wonder if they do doggy bags…