It Could Be Bad News For Fans Of This Classic Cadbury Chocolate Bar


In what could be bad news for chocolate fans (but probably not) Cadbury’s has announced they will stop making Time Out bars.

A spokeswoman for Cadbury said the company has discontinued the bar in its current form because it wasn’t very popular, reports the Birmingham Mail but they have been trialling a new, experimental version of the product.

This glimmer of good news is all set to be the new, slimline, single-finger version called the Time Out Wafer.


Cadbury said:

We have withdrawn the current brand so the old one has gone and will be replaced. The original Time Out bars started to be withdrawn from sale in February.

The bars first appeared in the UK and Ireland in 1992, and made it to Australia and New Zealand three years later.


It was launched in Canada and South Africa in 2001 but sales were so poor that it was axed in those countries just a couple of years later.

The bar underwent a revamp in 2010 and was given ‘lighter blue packaging’ – but this turned out to be such an unpopular move among hardcore Time Out fans that it was changed back to the original only a few months later.


The end for the Time Out comes at the same time as Cadbury axed its Wafer Snack saying the two wafer-based brands had been ‘in decline for a number of years’.

It’s probably pretty safe to say that the Time Out will not be greatly missed.