Jamie Oliver Makes Inappropriate Joke On ‘Car Crash’ Saturday Kitchen Episode


Viewers of the BBC weekend favourite Saturday Kitchen were less than impressed with this week’s episode, labelling it ‘car crash TV’.

According to The Mirror, the first disturbing incident occurred early in the show when guest Jamie Oliver – apparently forgetting he wasn’t a crude 1970s comic – said he remembered ‘putting pork in your mouth’ to vegetarian guest Anna Jones.

Needless to say, a lot of people weren’t impressed:

But for some reason he seemed determined to keep going and later in the show he said to her:

Would you just give that plate a good old rim job?


Jamie’s rough humour wasn’t the only thing viewers found unnerving.

The show has been using guest hosts following the recent departure of James Martin, and this week it was was led by Gennaro Contaldo and Antonio Carluccio.

Unfortunately for them, fans were left unimpressed by the chaotic experience, with the combination of hosts and guests confusing a lot of viewers:


But while many were criticising the programme, others pointed out it actually made for some pretty entertaining viewing:

For many people it was only the presence of TV chef and upcoming presenter Joe Hurd that salvaged the chaotic programme:

So if Joe does become the new permanent presenter, at least one good thing has come from the absolute shambles.