Jammie Dodger Are Changing Their Recipe, People Aren’t Happy

by : UNILAD on : 10 Mar 2016 15:00

The makers of the iconic Jammie Dodger have announced they are to change the recipe of the beloved biscuit and people aren’t happy.


The biscuits will now include milk protein and 22 per cent less sugar and the packaging will be given a complete overhaul, reports The Telegraph.

According to Burton Biscuits – the Dodger’s makers – the new recipe comes after research showed customers wanted a crispier, fruitier biscuit.

Needless to say, people are not happy about the changes which have caused outrage among loyal Dodger fans.


The main issue people have is that the addition of milk protein makes the biscuits unsuitable for people with dairy allergies, or for vegans.

In fact Over 3,000 people have now signed a Change.Org petition, started by Ali Ryland, petitioning Burton to make Jammie Dodgers milk-free again.


In an open letter Ali wrote:

I was saddened to hear that Jammie Dodgers were going to have milk protein added to them.

The addition of milk protein to these biscuits is bad news for vegans, those with dairy intolerance and milk reducers everywhere – particularly those who live in rural areas and are unable to look further afield for their biscuit fix.

However, Burton Biscuits have now responded, and unfortunately for fans of the old recipe it’s not good news.

Burton Biscuits

A Burton Biscuits spokesperson said: 

For the new reformulated recipe of Jammie Dodgers we have communicated that there is now an additional allergen of milk within the product.

This is due to the addition of whey in the recipe, which gives a more rounded flavour to the biscuit.

No U-turn on this one then.

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