Japan’s ‘Delusion Curry’ Comes With Model Who’ll Pretend To Be Your Girlfriend

by : UNILAD on : 03 Nov 2015 17:35
Village Vanguard

Finding a free toy inside your cereal or Happy Meal has always proven popular, so trust Japan to take things to a whole new level entirely.


Given how many bachelors dine out on microwave meals, one food company decided to make the experience far less lonely for hungry singletons – novelty store Village Vanguard’s ‘Delusion Curry’ actually comes with a DVD in which a model will pretend to be your girlfriend, so you don’t have to eat alone.

It’s sort of like an alternative to ‘Netflix and chill’, when you can’t find anyone to chill with. So that’s nice.

According to Rocket News 24, curry is the meal that most men in Japan would want their girlfriend to make for them, so these thoughtful people have decided to make the meal-for-one experience far less depressing for these poor chaps.


There’s a choice of three options on the bizarre DVD, featuring model Mao Harada – 1. The younger girlfriend, 2. The older girl who lives next door and is sort of risqué, and 3. Harada made a home-cooked meal.

And, as if things couldn’t get any weirder around here, the curry is orange flavoured, which seems like a bold choice for a spicy dish.

Apparently, it’s because Mao Harada is from Ehime Prefecture, one of Japan’s top growers of mandarin oranges. Okay then…

Still, this experience is probably more about the companionship than the taste of the food. The question is whether the company will roll out some new curries featuring different models in the near future, and how about an option for all the single ladies out there?

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Rocket News 24
  1. Rocket News 24

    Japan’s Delusion Curry comes packaged with a DVD of a sexy model pretending to be your girlfriend